Curiouser about the telephone

My GP’s assistant phoned today,  told me that I have got anemia and the doc will call later.  She must have forgotten, since she never did. Nevermind, I will make a pestering call tomorrow.

Nowadays I can call anyone just like that, when I was younger calling people was something that almost reduced me to tears, for some reason it felt like an almost impossible task. Of course I did phone people, but there were always few strong heartbeats just before the phone was picked up in the other end.

Even more interestingly, this article mentions that phone-related anxiety in its list of signs for introverted people. I always thought it was just me being silly:

Not sure how reliable newspaper diagnosis are, but it is a bit of fun I suppose, and that bit about the phones really caught my eye. I always thought that perhaps it is the lack of eye contact with the person I was speaking to that made me so unsure about it all: when was my turn to speak, when a silence is too long and whether the other person is joking or not. Like mr. Bell must have felt like:



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